Pottery , Present and Future 

The pottery was a precious commodity, all the towns and villages had several potteries
belonging to different families in a never-ending business. These spaces provided all containers for kitchen, work and leisure, especially in more remote areas of Ribatejo and Alentejo, but not only.
The art of pottery is a legacy that passes from parents to children and from children to
grandchildren, and requires an interest and a huge willingness to learn. Since the beginning of time potters use raw clay to create unique pieces of great value and survive over the years. Each step in the overall process of creating a piece of pottery is an art in itself.
Currently much is lost to the mass production industry, however, this is a sector that is
down also by mass offer, full of the same products, unwilling to innovate.
Here in Casa das Talhas we still use these techniques and traditions of traditional
pottery, using the the traditional designs to keep alive this rich heritage and culture. we seek and hope to create new consumption scenarios, and that people start to use these pieces in clay in the daily kitchen work. reviving our traditions , while also promoting our history

The art of clay molding, forming and baking

Some Photos of this process

TV Show Verão Total em Tomar

TV presenter Zé Pedro Vasconcelos chatting with José Miguel Figueiredo, a pottery man of “arrebimbomalho” – popular portuguese term with no translation – that will be make notice, in the portuguese television RTP program “Verão Total”, recorded 26th August 2015, in Tomar at Parque do Mouchão.

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